Are you a nail technician looking to make the nail filing process faster and easier? Do you know what a 5-in-1 nail drill bit is?

Nail techs use lots of time in removing acrylics and other nail enhancements. A nail drill with a complete set of a variety of nail bits — different sizes, shapes, grits, and materials – will help save you time and energy.

A 5-in-1 nail drill bit is multi-function. This means that a single bit can meet almost all the needed grinders in a manicure job without changing the bits. Using these nail drill bits can simplify the process and make work more efficient.

What Is A 5-In-1 Nail Drill Bit Used For?

As mentioned, 5-in-1 drill bits are multi-use. Thus, you can expect to use it in cleaning the cuticle area, shaping the nails, preparing the nail bed, smoothening the nail surface, and cleaning under the nail surface.

Multi-use nail drill bits are designed for both left and right-handed users as they can be in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

Why Invest In A 5-In-1 Nail Drill Bit?

These are some of the advantages of using a 5-in-1 nail drill bit:

It Has Multiple Grits And Functions

The grits’ coarseness varies from top to bottom. The top part is used to cut dead skin. The next part is a double fine grit, followed by extra fine, and fine grit as the bottom base part.

Its multiple grits allow you to use it in different functions like cleaning the cuticle area, preparing the nail bed, cutting and shaping the nail, removing and smoothing the surface, and cleaning the surface under the nail.

It Has Different Sizes That Will Suit Different Using Habits

MelodySusie’s 5 in 1 nail bits come in seven sizes. Each bit of this type has three grit coarseness, allowing you to choose the right coarseness of grit based on your working preference and habits.

It has two rotate directions

All in one drill bits can cut smoothly in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions and can be easily operated using both left and right hands. It just needs you to attach it to a nail drill that has a forward and reverse function.

If you don’t think the 5-in-1 bit is for you, then we advise you to check out our other article where we go into depth and explain everything about other nail bits too.

Nothing is more convenient than having a single tool that has all the functions that you need without having to change the bits from time to time. That is why the 5 in 1 nail drill bit comes in convenient – time-saving, and energy-efficient!

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